Militia and Defence

Militia and Defence
   WM Militia in Canada raised by conscription and receive no pay, 30; composition of military forces, 29-30; desertions, 119. Dr French-Canadian militia called out, 86; their unwillingness to serve, 87; their good behaviour at Quebec, 111, 124, 144; lose confidence in British regulars as result of American war, 242; strongly object to being enrolled, 278, 290; Militia Bill of 1777 disliked by habitants, 186. Bk Military roads in Upper Canada, 52; military posts in Upper Canada, 53-59; militia organization in Upper and Lower Canada, 190; Brock's commendation of militia in general order, 212. S Passage of Militia Act of Upper Canada, 91. C Militia reorganized after Trent affair, and again after Confederation, 87; Cartier's interest in, 87-88, 110. E Under French régime, 177-178; Elgin's views on colonial defence, 209-210. B Government defeated on Militia Bill of 1862, 142; its terms, 142; disappointment in England over, 142; question of defence one of forces leading towards Confederation, 142, 147, 181, 182; debate in House of Lords on Canadian defence, 181, 183-184; scheme of defence, 184-185, 186; improved militia system advocated by Canada First Association, 236. Md Bill defeated for better organization of, 88; militia organized, 151.

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